The Architecture of Medieval Famagusta

After the fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem1in the Levant, Famagusta took Acre's place as  the most important Latin port in the eastern Mediterranean. Evidence of the city's built. According fortunes is seen in the number of churches built.   According to Camile Enlart, there were at least nineteen churches within the city walls: The Cathedral of St. Nicholasand the Church of SS. Peter and Paul have been in continuous use as mosques while four others are used fo community functions: The Twin Churches of the Hospitallers and Templars, the Church of St. Anne and the Nestorian Church. The remaining are derelict or in ruins.2
  1.  The Kingdom of Jerusalem was established shortly after the armies of the First Crusade took the city of Jerusalem. At the start, there was some ambiguity over who the ruler should be since the Crusaders'  focus was on conquest rather than administration.The Kingdom survivedthe eventual fall of Jerusalem with many of the royal offices, abbeys and bishoprics setting up shop in Acre. Eventually Acre fell as well and the Kingdom of Jerusalem continued in exile in Cyprus.

  2. Of the over 400 churches in Denys Pringles comprehensive catalog, over 300 are in ruins or un-located.

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