Heritage Restoration in Cyprus under the British

In the late nineteenth century, in an age of trial and error for the conservation of built heritage, ambitious British officials concerned themselves with the antiquities of Cyprus. Cypruswas a new addition to the British Empire, formerly under Ottoman Rule. The British rule  quickly found its mission in the restoration of the glory of medieval Cyprus, particularly during the Crusader Period. Focusing on those that highlighted European influence in the Eastern Mediterranean and celebrated the island’s glorious medieval past, the British selected through the ancient remains. By misrepresenting, appropriating or erasing aspects of the island's history and archaeology, these contradictory, unsystematic and often opportunistic British choices shaped Cypriot heritage.

The description, justification and evaluation of these actions, as presented in this page, form the basis of my ongoing PhD research, entitled "Heritage Preservation in the Age of the Empires: the case of British Cyprus". This research is conducted by Danai Konstantinidou (d.konstantinidou@cyi.ac.cy) at the Cyprus Institute, Nicosia under the supervision of Professor Nicolas Bakirtzis (n.bakirtzis@cyi.ac.cy). 
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