San Pietro
Agliate, San Pietro
ca. year
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Built between the tenth and eleventh-centuries, the church at Agliate has a nave with 7 bays enclosed by a brick and rubble wall. The columns and capitals in the nave arcades are made from a variety of spolia from Roman and medieval buildings. Of particular interest is the vaulting in the crypt. This vaulting has a somewhat plastic nature and features irregular arches that are elliptical in shape. According to Kingsley Porter, the capitals in the crypt are crude and appear to have been sculpted for their present position.is the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul Roman, built between the tenth and eleventh century on the ruins of that church. The Basilica, on three aisles, has a remarkable cycle of frescoes now quite damaged. Overall there is a baptistery of the basilica with a special plant to nine sides, two of which constitute the apse, topped by a cupola with eight segments. The construction of the baptistery dates from the early eleventh century, although, according to tradition, was founded around 880 by the Archbishop of Ansperto Biassono, also originally was richly decorated with frescoes of which few traces remain today . Inside are the remains of a pool for baptism by immersion.
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