The Archmap Project

The Archmap Project, a collaborative knowledge system for the humanities, is being created under the leadership of co-directors Stephen Murray and Rory O'Neill with the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and in collaboration with The Media Center for Art History, Columbia University. More than a publishing platform, the Archmap system combines the features of bibliographic and image databases (with currently over 40,000 images), mapping in time and space (geographic, raster image, 3d and abstract analytical spaces), web-based word processing of texts that easily reference figures and bibliographic citations, and collection building to allow for the production of scholarly catalogs and course materials.  Currently, projects using the system are being pioneered by faculty and graduate students. In the future, the Archmap system will support undergraduate research projects as well. The Archmap Project strives to reduce friction in the scholarly production and dissemination of knowledge as it provides the above functionality in the pursuit of inter-disciplinary investigations and experimentation.   
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